We are happy to have you here as we shall take you through a delightful moment …



Our Vision

To create an enabling and economically bouyant healthy world free of disease, unemployment and poverty

Art in Nigeria

WeU is interested in bringing back the glory of Art in Nigeria. Our culture is demonstrated through Music, Art, folklore, literature, and dance.

Join Us

Here are the available offices. 
4 National Geopolitical zones directors. (There are six geopolitical zones

WeU Reforming Angels 

WeU Reforming Angels is a one of the projects of WeU that focuses on developing the girlchild and repositioning the willing ladies/women. All women are expected to be part of this project irrespective because it’s meant to boost their personalities.

About Us

We are located in Ibadan but our network has brought so many other business units into our system and this has given us faces in Lagos, Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Ogun, Ondo, some African states and USA.

Educating Nigerian

Citizens on how to live in our polluted environment through holistic approaches that maximize their potentials and personalities(Reorientation and Personality Development)

Empowering Nigerians

With skills that will ensure their enrollment into the lucrative business sectors through our basic empowerment programs which are usually free (Skill acquisition and Human capacity Building)

Our Support Team

We have supports from different organizations (local and Foreign), friends and Government. We are happy to have you here as we shall take you through a delightful moment of adventurous explores through life and opportunities!

Creating local and international jobs and financial opportunities for unemployed and under-employed Nigerian youth and women (Engagement and Self-application)

Eradicating brain drainage by engaging our intellectuals in productive activities like researches, designing, and capacity building (for the uninformed(Rebranding)

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(234) 803 6634711

New Bodija Ibadan,Oyo State Nigeria