About Us

We are located in Ibadan but our network has brought so many other business units into our system and this has given us faces in Lagos, Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Ogun, Ondo, some African states and USA. We are of the mindset that people can explore opportunities when tgey have to means to and they can see the opportunities. Which means that people need both Skills and Resources to have their breakthrough in life.

WeU Integrated Cincept ltd started operation as WeU Nigeria. It is a consolidated corporate system established in 2009 to eradicate poverty, disease and unemployment through the use of all encompassing methods that benefit the two parties involved . That is Nigerians and our organization. We have achieved different goals by engaging resourceful persons, organizations ( local and foreign) and the government to execute most laudable and lucrative projects in the country.

WeU Integrated was founded by a team of highly professional brains with experiences in sciences, businesses, law, health , property, Art, Adventure, Energy and international relations. It is headed by a young enterpreneur, Mr. Olujimi Fatimiro who is a microbiologist, an empowerment agent, a programmer, and a philanthropist.

The organization is working with some government agencies to achieve most of their objectives. It is purely a business oriented firm with the intention of enriching Nigerians.


Our Vision

To create an enabling and economical bouyant healthy world free of disease, unemployment and poverty but laced with wealth in the premises of adventure, skills acquisition and Art.

Our Mission

Creatively connecting the IT,  Art, Adventure, and  health sectors with excess means to engage, empower, and enliven Nigerians considering his potentials, health and psychology,and relying on our business prowess and resources.



Educating Nigerian citizens on how to live in our polluted environment through holistic approaches that maximize their potentials and personalities(Reorientation and Personality Development).


Empowering Nigerians with skills that will ensure their enrollment into the lucrative business sectors through our basic empowerment programs which are usually free (Skill acquisition and Human capacity Building)


Creating local and international jobs and financial opportunities for unemployed and under-employed Nigerian youth and women (Engagement and Self-application)

Eradicating brain drainage by engaging our intellectuals in productive activities like researches, designing, and capacity building (for the uninformed(Rebranding)
Appreciating Arts and Adventure by uniting all existing professional artists and upcoming artists (Glamourizing Art).
 Fighting for the women by making them important in our society as well as making men value and appreciate them (Women Reformation)
Educating everyone on the importance of health and staying alive healthy (Living Healthy)