Art in Nigeria

WeU is interested in bringing back the glory of Art in Nigeria. Our culture is demonstrated through Music, Art, folklore, literature, and dance.  Thus, with the growth of the Art sector, the culture of Nigeria will be sustained and development will spring up one more time from the sector. Paying attention to Art can really bring in good revenue for the country.  So many earlier settlements from foreign countries have induced the growth and development of Art in Nigeria. We are thus using some foreign partners who have the sophisticated concepts on how best to redeem Art in Nigeria.
We are bringing together all the Professional and upcoming artists in Nigeria in one place. We are rebranding the sector. We are inspiring those that have devoted their time to being part of the sector. We are making the dreams of every home come true.
Back then, Nok culture brought out significant developments in the invention of terracotta figurines and statues. Now, WeU with partners are ready to redefine African cultures through artists, arts and artistic designs. Our major partners in this project are the Society of Nigerian artists and 25 different established Artists from Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya.  Glamorizing Arts 2020 is coming up on the 12th of February, 2020 here in Abuja, Nigeria to make the essence of our heritage meaningful again. Twenty three (23) of our team members across the country (out of about 2895 representatives here in Nigeria) are going to different places across the globe like Belgium, Germany, Portugal, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Tanzania, China and West African countries to collaborate with more international bodies in making the event a glorious and successful one 

 WeU is one of the major sponsors and organizers of the Project. It is a multinational company with interest in Arts, Tourism, Health and Sciences. the company has sponsored hundreds of other artists to different countries in the past and it has also co-sponsored some international exhibitions. 

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